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Cooperative Care: Giving Your Dog Choice and Control

By Pat Miller CBCC-KA CPDT-KA | January 20, 2021
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My wonderful Scottie/Corgi/Poodle-mix, Bonnie, had long, fine, curly fur that tangled easily. She was relatively tolerant of my frequent insistence on combing out the tangles, except when it came to her hindquarters. When I would try to brush her there, she tensed up and sometimes even growled.  Then she learned the Bucket Game, and as a result of her learning a new way to communicate her feelings to me about being groomed – one that didn’t require the escalation of aggressive behaviors – her attitude during grooming went from tolerance to complete relaxation and enjoyment. She was a classic study in the behavioral value of giving our dogs choice and control in their world through cooperative care.  Cooperative care involves training an animal to not only tolerate handling and husbandry procedures, but also to be an active, willing participant in these experiences. EVOLUTION OF A MOVEMENT There is a long…

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Pamper Your Pup: 6 Ways to Give Your Canine Companion Some TLC

By Josh Cobbe | January 20, 2021
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Working dog parents are all too familiar with the emotional tug-of-work of leaving your furry friend behind. Whether you’re jetting off to your cubicle or making a routine grocery store run, these goodbyes can wrench the hearts of even the most stoic puppy parents.  As you frantically collect your keys, morning coffee, and briefcase—sounds of […] The post Pamper Your Pup: 6 Ways to Give Your Canine Companion Some TLC appeared first on Petdogplanet – Pet Health & Nutrition Information. https://www.petdogplanet.com/pampered-pupz

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Philly in North Carolina– AVAILABLE!!

By FBVadmin | January 20, 2021
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PHILLY LOCATION: NC Piedmont AGE: 2 years SEX: Male/Neutered WEIGHT: 32 lbs KIDS: Yes OTHER DOGS: Yes CATS: Unknown BIRDS & OTHER SMALL ANIMALS: Unknown AVAILABLE AS OF: 1/20/2021 ADOPTION FEE: $700 Big Philly has made it to the available page! Our boy Philly weighs in at 32lbs. He was surrendered by a good Samaritan who rescued him from a hoarding/breeding situation. When he developed IVDD, the surrender’s home situation became less than ideal for him.    Poor Philly does have some medical issues that his forever home will need to be able to handle. He has allergies and takes Apoquel twice daily. He also eats a specific food for skin and stomach sensitivities.   He has IVDD as well; it’s mostly under control now. However, if he plays too rough or jumps, etc., he can aggravate his condition which has required a round (about a week) of anti-inflammatories, pain meds, and restricted activity/crate rest. His new home…

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Punishment vs. Interruption: Properly Managing Your Dog’s Behavior

By Eileen Anderson MM MS | January 20, 2021
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“No! Get off the table!” “No! Give that here!” “No! Quit pestering her or I’ll spray you!” All my life I’ve been around people who tell their dogs, “No!” – and I’ve done it plenty myself. I thought it was punishment. But was it? Punishment is a puzzlement: ■ The word has varied and contradictory definitions.  ■ People who think they are punishing their dogs often aren’t doing so. They are merely interrupting the current behavior. ■  We humans have a strong urge to respond in a punitive way to perceived wrongs. It likely comes from having a fast-moving, intuitive brain process. We are wired for retribution! All this can combine to get us confused and stuck in unproductive behavior patterns with our dogs. But before we can do anything about this, we need to understand and agree on some definitions. THE DIFFERING DEFINITIONS OF PUNISHMENT The term “punishment” is defined differently in…

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To Buy or Adopt a Dog? What You Should Know

By Jill Breitner | January 20, 2021
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I got my first dog, a stray that I begged my mother to allow me to keep, when I was 9 years old. It was 1964, on Long Island, New York. I had been playing in the cul-de-sac with friends when this little black and tan puppy came bounding up to us. We became best friends, and I was hell-bent on keeping her. My parents were separated, and my mother wasn’t in the best of moods, but my siblings convinced my mother to let me keep her. We needed each other and on some level my mother knew this.  Since then, I’ve never been without at least one canine companion – usually I have two or three – and they’ve all been strays, hard-to-place dogs from a rescue organization, or given to me by a frustrated client. In more than 50 years (56 years, actually), I have never once searched for…

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Dog Food Myth-Busting

By Nancy Kerns | January 20, 2021
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When you consider the bitter disagreements among human nutrition experts about the value of or harm from various types of diets – vegan, vegetarian, raw, ketogenic, gluten-free, paleo, organic, you name it! – it’s not surprising that there are so many myths and misconceptions about what we should feed our dogs. Not surprising, but disappointing. At least humans can choose their own diets; dogs depend on us to sort out the wheat from the chaff, so to speak. So let’s bust some myths! MYTH 1: All “complete and balanced” dog foods that meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Nutrient Profiles offer the same amount of nutrition.  TRUTH: This couldn’t be further from the truth. Not only are the amounts of macronutrients (protein, fat, fiber) in dog food wildly variable, the micronutrient levels are, too!  In this country, the legal definition of “complete and balanced” is established by a…

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Famous Police Dog Survives Shooting And Gets Heroic Welcome Home

By Molly Weinfurter | January 20, 2021
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Arlo the police dog is brave, strong, and TikTok famous. The Thurston County police dog spent the past year growing his TikTok following, sharing adorable videos of his daily adventures. He now has 1.5 million followers, which made him pretty proud of himself. But even celebrities can fall on hard times. Poor Arlo was critically injured in a shooting on the job. Vets weren’t sure if he would make it, but he kept on fighting. Now, the brave hero is healing and ready to walk again. His friends and family even welcomed him home with a grand gesture. Image: @officialk9arlo/Instagram A Heroic Sacrifice The life of a police dog is never easy, but Arlo always worked hard and protected those in danger. But sometimes, it can be hard for heroes to protect themselves too. Recently, Arlo accompanied police as they pursued an armed driver. Once the chase came to an…

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How To Train a Boxer Dog The Right Way

By Cristina Taylor | January 20, 2021
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Boxer dogs are one of the most beloved of the larger dog breeds you can choose for a furry canine companion for lots of great reasons. Despite being very goofy and silly much of the time they are also highly intelligent – intelligence they sometime use to devious ends – and endearingly gentle and loving. […] The post How To Train a Boxer Dog The Right Way first appeared on iPupster.com. https://ipupster.com/how-to-train-a-boxer-dog/

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A Complete Guide To The Bossi-Poo (Boston Terrier Poodle Mix) With Pictures

By Maria | January 20, 2021
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Poodle Mixes have become extremely popular nowadays and the Bossi Poo is no different. Don’t let the name fool you – despite its name, the Bossi Poo is not bossy The post A Complete Guide To The Bossi-Poo (Boston Terrier Poodle Mix) With Pictures first appeared on How To Train Your Dog. https://howtotrainthedog.com/bossi-poo/

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Graduate Feature: April Costigan

By Sarah-Lynn Seguin | January 20, 2021
Posted in

Name: April Costigan Location: Centennial, Colorado QC Pet Studies Courses you’ve taken: Dog Grooming First Aid for Groomers Your website: https://www.sparklingdogs.com/ Tell us a little bit about yourself! I’ve been working with dogs for the past 11 years in the capacity of fostering, training, rescuing, and (now) grooming. I simply love dogs and have a deep respect for them. I’m now formally trained by QC Pet Studies to groom all coat types and breeds. I specialize in practical cuts for the everyday dog, but I can also provide specialty cuts as well. I am smart, friendly, and imaginative. Dogs really seem to like me! I like to bring a little whimsy to my work, as well as a sense of humor. After my clients drop off their dogs, I often text them fun photos throughout the grooming process. I really love the time I spend with each dog. It just…

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