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The Healthy Hound Newsletter #56

By Dina Fantegrossi | January 18, 2021
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Are Small Amounts Of Chocolate Harmful To Dogs?

By Lindsay Pevny | January 18, 2021
Posted in

Most people realize that chocolate is toxic to dogs. But dogs do not realize that chocolate is toxic to dogs. So when your dog sneaks a bite of your cookie or a lap of your hot cocoa, you might panic – until you find out that it takes a higher dose to land your dog in the emergency room. Some dog parents take this idea and run with it, giving their dogs M&M’s as a treat and offering them bites of brownies. Or, they’ll report that their dog personally ate a whole box of Valentine’s chocolates and had absolutely nothing happen to them. I don’t want to be alarmist, but I also want to protect all the dogs. So, here’s why I want you to know that apathy around dogs eating chocolate can be dangerous. Why Is Chocolate Bad For Dogs? Chocolate is toxic to all dogs. No dogs are…

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How to Fatten up a Dog Quickly [Detailed Guide]

By Dr. Jason Williams | January 18, 2021
Posted in

How to Fatten up a Dog Quickly It is the joy of every dog owner to see their dog healthy, gain adequate weight, and be a “good eater.” However, if the opposite is the case and your dog is underweight, then the need to fatten your dog comes to play. The question on How to Fatten up a Dog Quickly has been asked by most dog owners and has propelled us to document some vital tips on achieving this topic. To fatten up a dog quickly, you must understand why the dog is skinny and your weight goal. Then The post How to Fatten up a Dog Quickly [Detailed Guide] appeared first on Dog Prof. https://360dogprof.com/fatten-up-a-dog-quickly/

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Border Collie Grooming: All the grooming tips you need to know

By Emma Engel | January 18, 2021
Posted in

Border Collie is probably one of the most intelligent dogs you can come across. This medium-sized and workaholic dog is an ideal sheep herder. The Border Collie is the perfect dog companion everyone would love to have. But how do you keep this breed in good shape? How can you groom the Border Collie? Well, like is the case with most dogs, you need to pay attention to your Border Collie. Border Collie grooming shouldn’t be misconstrued to be the same as with other dogs. It is quite easy to maintain these dogs. In this piece, therefore, we seek to make your grooming job simple. Take a look at the tips below. Border Collie Coat Type This bread of dogs can be found in long, short and smooth hair coats. For the long-haired breeds, there are usually high tendencies of mats and tangles forming and this requires frequent grooming. For…

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Kaley Cuoco Says Goodbye To Rescue Dog After 14 Wonderful Years

By Molly Weinfurter | January 18, 2021
Posted in

Actress Kaley Cuoco always has enough room in her heart for more rescue animals. Even though caring for several dogs often means heartbreak, in the end, she knows it’s worth it because she gets to make their lives special. But after Norman, her rescue Pit Bull of 14 years, passed away, it was harder than she ever imagined. Norman was always there through every milestone in her life, so being without him was difficult to even imagine. But at least she helped give the sweet dog the incredible life he deserved. Those memories are sure to last a lifetime. Image: @kaleycuoco/Instagram A Tribute to a Rescue Dog The Big Bang Theory star adopted Norman the Pit Bull mix when he was only two-years-old. She said that when she saw him for the first time, she knew he was the perfect dog for her right away. He had a broken leg…

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Saturday’s snow hikes

By Arlyn | January 18, 2021
Posted in

 On Saturday, with a real lack of good snow for skiing, the pack got out for a couple hikes instead. With the recent weeks of day-time above freezing and night-time below freezing temps, the base is quite crusty-hard so walking is pretty good but skiing rather poor. In the morning we headed for Boundary Rd. to hike the Pilgrim Watershed trail. Tea time!  Look up: See how snow broke that tree over long ago? Snow is reasonable here but skiing on ice is sketchy. Almost to the picnic table. And we roll and roll again.  Snow is so good for that! Then I heard someone skiing up to us. You know I like kids. They know how to get me cranked up. Ya Gunnar we can tussle! I hope we see you again soon. In the afternoon, we went to the Nara park so Gromit could get out.    …

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Awww Snoozy Monday – For Some Today’s A Holiday

By My GBGV Life | January 18, 2021
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It’s a snoozy Monday for me today. For some in the USA, it is a holiday, but at our house it is a regular Monday. This means lots of not much going on for us pups, so we will all be catching up on our sleep today. Don’t you agree, I look a bit tired […] The post Awww Snoozy Monday – For Some Today’s A Holiday appeared first on My GBGV Life. https://mygbgvlife.com/2021/01/18/snoozy-monday/

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Research Review: Comparing “senior” and “adult” cat diets

By Cailin R. Heinze VMD MS DACVN | January 18, 2021
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A recent study compared nutrient levels in cat foods marketed for senior cats versus those marketed for adult cats – we discuss their findings and the implications for feeding older cats. https://vetnutrition.tufts.edu/2021/01/comparing-senior-and-adult-cat-diets/

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Southern Dog Names

By Meg Austwick | January 18, 2021
Posted in

Southern dog names are great for pups growing up on a ranch, or for people that live in cities and love the country life! Inspiration for Southern puppy names can come from a number of places – from food, from city or state names, and even from music! Let’s dive straight in with our favourite […] The post Southern Dog Names appeared first on The Labrador Site. https://www.thelabradorsite.com/southern-dog-names/

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Share The Love

By Houndstooth | January 18, 2021
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Houndstooth Tales and Tails – The hilarity of everyday life Today in the US, it’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.  That means that I have the day off work as do many people.  There’s something about this day, though, that I think a lot of people don’t know.  It’s created for people to share the love. The intention behind having a day off is to […] The post Share The Love appeared first on Tales and Tails. https://talesandtails.com/share-the-love/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=share-the-love

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