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English Celeb Katie Price Adds 2nd Guard Dog After Brush With Violence

By Stephanie Maguire | September 9, 2021
Posted in

Katie Price, media personality and model, has stepped up her security by adding a second German Shepherd to her canine team. After her latest brush with violence, Katie found herself extremely frightened and ended up in the hospital with multiple injuries. The assault took place in her own home, which led her to seek out another pup for additional security and peace of mind. “I’ve got a big bruise, my face is all puffy, and I went to hospital. I’m still all dazed. I’m devastated,” shared Katie. Image Credit: Katie Price / Instagram This isn’t the first time Katie has responded to violence by “stepping up her home security.” The media personality was targeted for a carjacking at gunpoint while indisposed on the side of her vehicle when she was shooting her reality show in South Africa.  Image Credit: Katie Price / Instagram Her new security pup is a black…

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Dog Who Faced Death Watches His Siblings Get Adopted Without Him

By Molly Weinfurter | September 9, 2021
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In 2014, Peter and his four puppy siblings were on the verge of death. They were trapped in an overcrowded Bosnian shelter, where their chance of survival was close to zero. So, Saving Suffering Strays scooped up the puppies and gave them a second chance at adoption. All the puppies quickly found homes except for Peter. Peter is a sweet and well-behaved dog, but the longer he sat at the rescue, the less socialized he became. He waited for seven years without anyone adopting him. Luckily, the rescue never gave up on him, and they’ll do whatever it takes to help him find a family, even if that means sending him to a new shelter. Facebook Never Knowing a Loving Home The first few months of Peter’s life were overwhelming and traumatizing. He and his siblings spent their lives at a shelter, not knowing that the comfort of a loving…

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Best Bark Collar for Large Dogs

By Julie Storm | September 9, 2021
Posted in ,

Looking out for the Best bark collar for large dogs? If yes, this article is for you. Having a bark collar can be very helpful especially during training or when you want to get rid of some unwanted behaviors in your dog. As a renowned veterinarian who doubles as a K9 handler/trainer, I used quite a lot of bark collars and I can tell you which is actually the best. In this article, I shall be listing out the best bark collar for large dogs that every dog lover who owns a large dog breed should have. Note: These collars The post Best Bark Collar for Large Dogs appeared first on Dog Prof. https://360dogprof.com/best-bark-collar-for-large-dogs/

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Shopping In Amana Iowa And Bad Hotel Experiences

By My GBGV Life | September 9, 2021
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Our FastCAT trials were in Amana Iowa last weekend. Even though we went there last year, Mom didn’t get to do any shopping. You know how humans can be about shopping…insert big yawn. For some reason, Saturday she was in shopping mode. We found that Amana Iowa isn’t very dog friendly when it comes to […] The post Shopping In Amana Iowa And Bad Hotel Experiences appeared first on My GBGV Life. https://mygbgvlife.com/2021/09/09/shopping-in-amana-iowa/

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30 Things that are Killing Our Dogs, Part 2

By Kimberly | September 9, 2021
Posted in

On Sunday, I shared my temptation to delete my Facebook account because my feed was depressing. For the past year, all of the posts that come through my feed are either political, about the pandemic, or warning me of the many ways I’m killing my dogs. So I thought I’d write about it because blogging […] The post 30 Things that are Killing Our Dogs, Part 2 first appeared on Keep the Tail Wagging. https://keepthetailwagging.com/30-things-that-are-killing-our-dogs-part-2/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=30-things-that-are-killing-our-dogs-part-2

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6 Tips to Make Sure Your Dog is Getting Enough Nutrients

By Josh Cobbe | September 9, 2021
Posted in

The post 6 Tips to Make Sure Your Dog is Getting Enough Nutrients appeared first on Pet Dog Planet. A balanced diet is just as important for animals as it is for humans. Even when your dog is eating … Read more The post 6 Tips to Make Sure Your Dog is Getting Enough Nutrients appeared first on Pet Dog Planet. https://www.petdogplanet.com/how-to-make-sure-my-dog-is-getting-enough-nutrients/

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Ely trip post II

By Arlyn | September 8, 2021
Posted in

We’re having such a fun time at Gramma and Grampa’s up in Ely! Oh ya, Grampa scratches us both at once. Nothing like live leathery foot to bite! She decided I could use some grooming. I didn’t mind. Then they enjoyed touching my soft, luxurious, curly coat. After birthday supper Grampa got a special surprise! Grampa! I like cake too ya know. Gee whiz we didn’t get any. Later, guess who came over for a visit? Its Holley!  Who lives next door. And we went to go see Danny. They are the best neighbors! Holley stopped by the next day too. Then we got out for a hike! We went to theUSFS Fall Lake campground and rec area to hike the Stub Lake trail. Sure is looking like fall up here. The first part of the trail had been recently maintained. When we got to the board walk, it started raining.…

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L.A. County Shelters Try Desperate Measures To Keep Pets At Home

By Michelle Spies | September 8, 2021
Posted in

L.A. County, which covers the whole city of Los Angeles plus Lancaster and Santa Clarita, has a big animal intake problem. Municipal shelters are often overcrowded, and sadly this means adoptable dogs and cats are euthanized every day to make more room. In the fiscal year of July 2020 through June 2021, 6,899 animals were euthanized across all L.A. County animal care centers. That number accounts for approximately 30% of all the animals brought in to L.A. County shelters. In order to reduce the number of animals brought to their shelters and save more lives, L.A. County shelters recently changed their owner surrender processes. The shelters argue this improves conditions for the animals and their chances of finding homes, while critics worry it poses too many challenges for owners and potential adopters. The “Managed Intake” Approach The county shifted to a “managed intake” approach early in the pandemic while its…

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Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes’ Pups Welcome New Baby To Their Pack

By Michelle Spies | September 8, 2021
Posted in

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes and his fiancee Brittany Matthews welcomed a baby girl in February 2021. Now 6 months old, little Sterling made a surprise appearance on Matthews’ Instagram story this week. Alongside their new sibling in these photos were the two family dogs, Steel and Silver. In a caption on the pics, Matthews referred to the group of snugglers as her “three babies.” Instagram At the end of her story, Matthews shared with her 1 million Instagram followers: “If this doesn’t make your day IDK what will.” These adorable pictures show just how well the new baby is fitting in with her family. The Growing Family Instagram Mahomes and Matthews started dating in high school and have spent 8 years together. Their dogs were in the picture before Sterling was born. The Pit Bull and Cane Corso even have their own Instagram account, which has 214,000 fans…

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Community-Based Animal Shelters

By Nancy Kerns | September 8, 2021
Posted in

I’m thinking today about how communities interact with their local animal control/animal shelters and vice versa, and how shelters can most meaningfully affect the wellbeing of animals in that community. This has been on my mind as I am fostering a mother dog and seven of her puppies, who all technically belong to a homeless person in my community. The mother was wandering in search of food, and was being repeatedly posted on a local “lost and found pets” page. I offered to foster the family, with the proviso that the mother get spayed and the puppies get turned over to my local shelter (where they would be vaccinated, spayed/neutered, microchipped, and adopted to qualified families), and through a third party, the owner agreed. I’ve got the whole family at my house for a few weeks, until the mom dries up and can have surgery, and the pups are old…

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